• Celebrated Mahatma Gandhi Martyrdom Day & Prayer of Hanuman Chalisa. on 30-01-2016

    Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi remembered at SDP College for Women Ludhiana on his Martyrdom Day and prayers for World Peace organised by group Recital of Hanuman Chaleesa

    Glowing tributes were paid to Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi at SDP College for Women where eminent citizens of Ludhiana and office bearers of Hindu Nyayapeeth Sabha led by Mr. Parveen Dang joined in the remembrence and recital of Hanuman Chaleesa by the congregation on the occasion. The ceremonies in memory of Mahatma Gandhi included poem recitals, group songs and hymns.

    Founder and Preacher of Hindu Nyayapeeth Swami Krishna Nand Ji Maharaj, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Adhyatam Nand Puri Ji graced the occasion with their benign presence.

    The patriotic-cum-religious event was organised under the patronage of President Sh. Balraj Bhasin, President SDP Sabha and was supervised by  offg. Principal Dr. Veena Gian Singh Mann and Dy. Director Sh. R.K. Khurana.

    Shiv Bharadwaj , a renowned singer of Ludhiana kept the audience spell bound with his energetic songs, Hymns and Hanuman Chalisa. Km. Sandeep Kaur, Km. Pooja shukla and Km. Poonam students of the college recited poems and paid tributes to the Mahatma Gandhi. Students of music dept. sang a patriotic group song and the gathering recited hanuman chalisa and prayed for the world peace. Mrs. Kamlesh Gupta, famous Air announcer conducted the proceedings.

    The event was organised in collaboration with Hindu Nyayapeeth, an organization dedicated to the revival of Hindu Dharam and working continuously for revival since 2010. About 80,000  citizens including students of the different educational institutions have been involved in this venture since then. The dignitaries present during recital included Sh. Yogesh Bakshi, Sh. Bhupinder Banga, Sh. Jagjit Manak, Sh.Puran Parkash Ladowal, Sh. Gurvinder Chattwal, Sh. Kapildev, Sh. Satpal, Sh. Madanlal Dang, Sh. Ashwani Katyal, Sh. Gurdeep Gosha, SGPC secretary.

    Offg. Principal Dr. Veena Maan thanked President Sh. Balraj Bhasin , President SDP Sbaha& Hindu Nyayapeeth for organising the event and expressed her opinion that such  religious events along with technological advancement are the need of the hour to foster ethical values in the young generation.

    Sh. R.K. Khurana, Dy. Director and an active member of Hindu Nyayapeeth thanked the college authorities specially President Sh. Balraj Bhasin and offg. Princiapl Dr. Veena Mann for holding recital of hanuman chalisa along with solemnising of death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This marked the concluding of proceedings on the occasion.