• S.D.P. College organises Seminar “Business Issues of Indian Economy” on 19th March, 2016

    Under the supreme guidance and sole inspiration of Sh. Balraj Bhasin President S.D.P. Sabha and College Managing Committee , Dept. of Economics and Business Administration organised one day seminar on the topic “Business Issues of Indian Economy” here today in the Seminar Hall of the college. Dr. Ashwani Bhalla Prof., Department of Commerce, SCD Govt. College, Ludhiana was the keynote speaker of the seminar.

    Mr. S. Verma, Director, Dr. Veena Mann Offg. Principal, Ms. Ranjana Sood, Ms. Ruby and students of Dept. of Economics & Business Administration extended a very warm welcome to Dr. Bhalla.

    Speaking to staff and students Dr. Bhalla said that India’s dream of becoming super power can be materialized only if we empower our youth with interpersonal skills, business etiquettes and certain behavioral traits like attitude, motivation, time management  etc. He also said that all this is possible if the universities introduce skill oriented courses and educational institutions create conducive environment for the implementation of these courses. He further said that Indian youth constitutes 28%  of its population. We have to strengthen, mould and mobilise youthful  energies creating opportunities to express intellect and prove mettle in constructive and purposeful activities, otherwise it can prove disastrous. He concluded saying that though talent is different but opportunities to develop talent are equal.

    Ms. S. Verma thanked Dr. Bhalla for sparing time and enlightening staff and students on certain business issues.