• Extension Lecture by Dr. ANU GUPTA Prof. PANJAB UNIVERSITY ,CHANDIGARH on Big Data-Big Future on 9th April, 2016


    Under the supreme guidance and sole inspiration of Sh. Balraj Bhasin President S.D.P. Sabha and College Managing Committee, Dept. of Computer Science of S.D.P. College for Women, Ldh. organised and extension lecture here today in seminar hall. Dr. Anu Gupta Prof. Dept. of Computer Science, Panjab University, Chandigarh was resource person on the occasion. Dr. Veena Mann Offg. Principal and Mr. Kundan Kamboj, Head Dept. of Computer Science offered floral welcome to Dr. Anu Gupta.

    Dr. Anu Gupta spoke on the topic “Big Data-Big Future”. She explained Big Data extracting lines from Wikipedia’s interpretation of Big Data that Big Data to the realization of greater business intelligence by storing, processing and analyzing data that was previously ignored due to certain reasons. She again said that Big Data is similar to small data but bigger data requires consequently different approaches, techniques and tools to solve new problems and also old problems in a better way. She also threw light on Current Age of Data saying that today in the current age data comes from many corners such as social media sites, sensors digital photos, business transactions, location based data, internet of things and every minute we send 204 million emails, generate 1.8 million facebook likes, send 278 tweets, upload 200 thousand photos to facebook and 100 hours of videos on you tube and most of the videos are HD i.e. High Definition videos. She concluded with the notion that data is being generated fast and needs to be process fast for better big future.

    The lecture was followed by interaction session students and staff very enthusiastically participated in the interaction.